Chinese in Russia

Who is to blame for the Chinese takeover of Russia?

Date: December 31, 2023.
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The almost 2-year war against Ukraine and the resulting economic devastation in Russia has triggered a re-examination - in whose interest was it all?

Almost a quarter of a century of Putin's rule has produced a very wealthy ruling class. However, its fortunes are also at stake, as they are isolated from the world, and the war campaign has been draining supplies.

After careful consideration, it has been determined that China is the ultimate beneficiary of Putin's overall endeavour. This sparks speculation that the people in Russia who made it possible are actually foreign (Chinese) adversaries.

Based on the ongoing catastrophic Russian leap into uncertainty and dependence upon China, people in Moscow have started saying that Putin had to be a foreign asset - a Chinese asset in particular.

This might sound absurd, but you could hear similar justifications for the country's downfall in recent years during its shift away from the West - particularly after the attack on Ukraine -among serious-minded individuals in Moscow.

The war on Ukraine catalysed moral decay in Russia and amongst the Russian majority in general. However, it has also caused technological and economic stagnation, which led to Russian dependence on China.

From economic to demographic takeover

China has been taking advantage of the war Putin has started against Ukraine with enthusiasm.

Chinese technological companies and automobile manufacturers are now aggressively pouring into Russia.

The Chinese language is now the second language at Russian airports. The Chinese yuan is becoming Russia’s second most important currency.

Numerous young Chinese men can be seen in all Russian cities, even Moscow. This may indicate that China and Russia will soon start mixing through domestic unions and families.

The war Putin has started against Ukraine will help China to take over Russia not only economically but also demographically

The war Putin has started against Ukraine will help China to take over Russia not only economically but also demographically.

This is happening in conditions where Russia is in demographic collapse, predominantly because of economic hardship, which could have been avoided if not for Putin’s previous 25- years’ long corruption schemes, which killed economic growth and were hard on the average Russians.

Such a disastrous trend was followed by the war in Ukraine, which sent hundreds of thousands of young people to war and hundreds of thousands more to emigration, where they continued their jobs without much enthusiasm to return to the country.

Cash flows

Chinese companies and banks have even been helping Russian large corporations extract rupees from India.

However, there is not much Russians could buy in India with those billions of dollars from sales of oil currently stocked in India, but there is a lot they could buy in China.

As a result, Russia’s money from India is transferred to China first and from China forwarded to Russia in the form of goods, or the money is transferred from China to Dubai or elsewhere.

Bank of China Russia
Russia’s money from India is transferred to China first and from China forwarded to Russia in the form of goods

Not only did Putin turn Russia into a Chinese colony and a gas station, but during his 20-plus years of rule, he was able to poison the minds of the Russian people with various anti-Western sentiments.

As a result, the vast majority of Russian people will now gladly embrace Russia’s merger with China and reject Russia’s former shift towards the West.

Some representatives from the Russian upper and ruling class - those few who understand that its growing dependence on China is deadly and hazardous - are keeping quiet because of the kompromat related to their previous corruption and embezzlement schemes.

Russia could have used its abundance related to high oil and gas prices. However, Putin has facilitated corruption schemes which helped the Russian upper class steal that money and deprive Russia of its future.

Everything Putin has been doing in Russia and with the Russian people during his almost 30 years of rule was not for the benefit of Russia and future generations of Russians. On the contrary, it was for the benefit of China and thus a very probable forthcoming takeover by China.

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