About Us

Tomorrow’s Affairs believes in two things - first, that today's world is so interconnected that it cannot be understood well enough if its events and processes are viewed separately. Second, even if we have a good understanding of today's world, it will not help us face the future with calm, if we fail to make a good assessment of future events. We can only do this through collective knowledge, communication and openness. That's why Tomorrow’s Affairs exists.

Tomorrow’s Affairs is a platform where writers, experts in their fields, are obliged not only to describe reality through argument, but also to predict future events and processes based on their findings.  We invest in the reputation of Tomorrow’s Affairs and the reputation of each of its authors individually. We will not always succeed in this: events in today's world are increasingly less predictable.  But we are certain that we will provide the best possible expertise, arguments and knowledge with respect to everything we do. Anything more than that would be misleading the reader.  Unfortunately, there is an excess of this currently,  and Tomorrow’s Affairs will not compete in that arena.

Tomorrow’s Affairs does not consider every position or estimate to be correct, given and unchangeable, but will support and publish each of them if they are a product of strong arguments and well-founded evidence. Our goal is to offer a version of today and tomorrow that is lacking of prejudice and is unbiased in any sense. Our goal is to reach,  as far as is possible, together with our readers, the image of future reality that will not surprise us. "Analysis of Today - Assessment of Tomorrow" is our commitment.