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Inside the Russian foreign policy’s fake news industry

Date: February 4, 2024.
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Most Russian people do not know the senator of their region. However, they know dozens of the most significant European leaders and American politicians.

They know well the views of former Speaker of the House Newton Gingrich and his support for Donald Trump, not to mention how closely they have been following Trump's every move to win another Republican presidential nomination.

It has been more than 15 years since foreign affairs and policy were the dominant narratives that Vladimir Putin used to shape Russian patriotic sentiments.

If one would ask - what were the recent principal topics of Russian domestic fake news? The answer to this and the list of these news would be short:

- Probable and much anticipated by the Kremlin proclamation of independence by the state of Texas

- Severe and unjust working and living conditions of European farmers

- The attack on Viktor Orbán by the EU leaders. According to Russia, he is the lonely warrior among European leaders who are holding European people hostage for the benefit of George Soros and other globalist elitists

- The Crusader war the Baltic States have been wagging against Russian-speaking people and the Russian Orthodox Church

- A variety of Russian myths regarding the Ukrainian government and the war Russia has been waging in Ukraine.

How to sabotage US aid to Ukraine?

For Moscow's war goals at the moment, it is of utmost significance to sabotage American aid to Ukraine and the provision of American arms to the Ukrainian army.

It is clear that the Kremlin knows well that the state of Texas will never break away from the United States. However, despite that, the Kremlin has been injecting fake news agenda into the Russian public domain for both domestic and foreign purposes.

The Kremlin has been developing and spreading such fake news not only to shape the Russian people’s world view but also to leak messages into the Western public domain using various Western politicians, experts and journalists.

They benefit Moscow because they relativise and weaken further support for Ukraine with the Western public but also allow the Kremlin to observe the effect of implanting a fake narrative.

This enables Russia to identify Western politicians or influencers open for at least cooperation if not recruitment and subversion.

This mechanism came to the fore in the case of the downing of the Russian plane transporting Ukrainian POWs.

The propaganda narrative has pointed out that the Russian plane was shot down by an American Patriot missile

The propagandists in the Kremlin placed this event in a broad foreign policy context, emphasising first of all that Kyiv deliberately shot down the plane with its captured soldiers to discredit the government among the Ukrainian population.

At the same time, and perhaps more significantly for Moscow, the propaganda narrative has pointed out that the Russian plane was shot down by an American Patriot missile.

In this way, a direct connection has been established between American military aid to Ukraine and the tragic effects that aid has on the front line.

These Patriot-related fake news are aimed at American isolationists because Russia wants to energise apocalyptical global war fears in the American public.

At the same time, this encourages the isolationist public in the US to strengthen its opposition to the provision of military and financial aid to Ukraine.

Disavowal of EU support to Kyiv

When one fake news story is about to end, the other is already on its way. A new emerging piece of Russian fake news propaganda would always hit Russian top news immediately after the old one has served its purpose.

Currently, Russia is furious that the EU finally passed a €50 billion aid bill enabling the EU to provide much-needed assistance to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy EU
Russia is still hoping and attempting to sabotage the EU's aid to Ukraine by injecting various corruption and other fake news sentiments trying to discredit Ukrainian authorities

Russia is still hoping and attempting to sabotage this bill by injecting various corruption and other fake news sentiments trying to discredit Ukrainian authorities.

At the same time, Moscow has been spreading other fake news attempting to devalue the role of the EU, claiming that the EU aid was only made possible because the Europeans wanted to please American globalist elites struggling to send money to Ukraine because of a good job by the MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump who are, according to Russian fake news, committed to preventing global war and catastrophe.

Putin’s anti-Western foreign policy is one of the principal pillars of his popularity.

Foreign affairs and Western politicians such as Viktor Orbán or Donald Trump play a substantial and much greater role than one might think in the Russian fake news aimed not only at the Russian population but also the Western public.

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