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Dangerous whispering practice between Trump and the Kremlin

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In a televised debate with Joe Biden on CNN, Donald Trump mentioned that something terrible would soon be carried out in the USA by illegal immigrants.

The fact that such a terrible act, as stated by Donald Trump, will certainly boost his election chances makes it highly desirable for the Kremlin, given that Donald Trump is by far the Kremlin’s favourite candidate.

In 2016, the Kremlin helped Donald Trump with hackers and Wikileaks, while Trump publicly glorified Wikileaks and encouraged Russia to hack Democrats.

This could have been the beginning of Donald Trump's "whispering" practice with the Kremlin.

Similar to the 2016 election, Moscow could already be communicating indirectly with Donald Trump and exchanging messages via public statements.

This time, Trump declared that illegal immigrants will soon commit an act of terrorism in the USA.

The case of the migrants from Tajikistan

This should worry the USA, particularly in light of the recent arrests of several illegal immigrants from Tajikistan who had ties to ISIS.

Given that the majority of Tajikistan's GDP originates from Russia in the form of remittances from Tajik migrant workers, many of whom hold dual Russian and Tajik citizenship and are under Russian intelligence service surveillance, Tajikistan remains in many ways a Russian colony.

In order to successfully complete his life project in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will now deploy his entire Russian espionage and agent network in the USA, because, in Putin's view, the USA is the country that stands in the way of his historic glory.

Any Russian citizen or Russian-speaking person could end up being a spy or agent

Any Russian citizen or Russian-speaking person could end up being a spy or agent, especially those among legal or illegal immigrants in the US. Russians, of course, like and respect the intelligence service.

Any Russian or Russian-speaking person could deliberately or forcibly work for the Kremlin, especially if that person has work, assets, or relatives in Russia or within the reach of Russia, for example, in one of the former USSR republics, such as Tajikistan.

Both legal and illegal migrants are being used

Corruption is the most common method of recruitment by the Russian intelligence service. Very rarely are people forced to cooperate.

Life in Russia and the former Soviet states is hard, so people are pleased to cooperate with the Russian authorities and intelligence services because it gives them an additional and, in most cases, significant income.

An immigrant's life is also full of challenges and discouragements that open up prospects for recruitment by the Russian intelligence service.

The Kremlin can engage both legal and illegal Russian and/or Russian-speaking immigrants in the US

In addition to the spies and agents already in the US, the Kremlin could also recruit legal and illegal immigrants.

The Kremlin has long been sending sleeper agents to the West, especially America, posing as genuine immigrants or asylum seekers.

The Kremlin can therefore engage both legal and illegal Russian and/or Russian-speaking immigrants in the US in the attack mentioned by Donald Trump.

Impostors in the Russian dissident movement

Anyone who has lived in Russia long enough, worked there, or, above all, participated in various protest or dissident activities would not object to the statement that there are a large number of false opposition representatives among dissidents and protestors.

These people pretend to be critical of Putin’s regime, but in reality, they work for the regime as informants who help the Kremlin be vigilant.

Therefore, many among those who previously immigrated from Russia or fled Putin’s regime, especially those who have left Russia since the start of the war, might in fact be working for the regime.

We can therefore assume that many of those who have entered the USA illegally and claimed to be fleeing Putin’s Russia were in fact acting on behalf of the Russian intelligence service.

It is no exaggeration to say that Russia has spent the past several decades flooding America with various agents, or even spies. Many of these spies and agents injected by Russia have made themselves at home in the United States.

Most of the time, these Russian agents who are now residing in the US engage in seemingly innocent business activities, such as selling antiques and artwork that they purchase in Russia and then resell in the US.

US Border Patrol
Many of those who have entered the USA illegally and claimed to be fleeing Putin’s Russia were in fact acting on behalf of the Russian intelligence service

However, these trading activities no longer look so innocent when we take a closer look at those who trade in antiquities in Russia, who control Russian customs, and who own Russian ports through which antiquities and artwork are shipped to the US.

The same applies to various Russian music producers and concert organisers who live permanently in the West and host Russian pop stars.

The Russian intelligence service monitors and controls all Russian performance stars in one way or another, not just those who openly support Vladimir Putin, like the extremely popular Anna Netrebko or Grigory Leps.

Also under surveillance are less noticeable Russian pop stars who make their main appearances in Russia and the countries of the former USSR but who travel abroad frequently, give concerts there, and can provide a perfect cover for some financial or social clandestine activities of the Russian intelligence service.

To meet the goals of Russia

Therefore, we can assume that Russia is now actually planning some devastating attacks in the USA, similar to the attacks mentioned by Donald Trump in the debate.

However, contrary to what Donald Trump claimed, the Kremlin could be collaborating with both illegal and legal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants, with the assistance of those previously injected into America, might indeed be preparing a horrific act of terrorism that will help Putin achieve all of his current goals:

- to promote a presidential candidate he likes in the US,

- to demoralise and destabilise the US,

- to stop the war on terms convenient to him.

Whether by coincidence or not, the Trump team recently set and announced these favourable conditions for Vladimir Putin.

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