Want to Change Citizenship?

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I’m bored: time for a change of citizenship. How I do ace the official French citizenship test? The French government has just come up with a number of questions you must answer correctly:

Who was Edith Piaf?

a. a singer?

b. a cycling champion?

c. an ornithologist?

Answer: a. a singer

2. Whom do you associate with the Arc de Triomphe?

a. Napoleon?

b. Julius Caesar?

c. Charlemagne?

3. Where is Mont Saint Michel located?

a. On an island in the Seine?

b. In Normandy?

c. On a Mediterranean island?

answer: b in Normandy.

Or if you’re rather Teutonically inclined, from the age of three until your first day of school, you are entitled to:

a. a Kindergarten place?

b. a place in a sports club?

c. monthly pocket money?

d. a holiday pass?

answer: a, Kindergarten place

The Volksschule in Germany is a facility that is:

a. for religious education

b. for everyone?

c. only for retired people?

d. only for teenagers?

answer:b for everyone.

Feel like turning Japanese?

There is no citizenship test for Japan. Technically you should be able to prove that you have the skills to cover your livelihood while resident in Japan.

Fancy going Antipodean?

a. What do we remember on Anzac Day?

answer: World War 1 landing of Australian and New Zealand corps in Gallipoli, Turkey

b. What are the colours of the Australian Aboriginal flag?

answer: black, yellow and red.

c. Which official symbol of Australia identifies Commonwealth property?

answer: the Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Which of these systems of Australian government is correct?

I=the Queen of Australia chooses to form the government

II=the government is elected by the people

III.=the prime minister chooses members of parliament

answer=II the government is elected by the people.

Perhaps you want to go for the trickiest set of citizenship questions on the planet and apply to become American? According to a 2011 study, passing these questions comprise s the hardest citizenship test that exists. For example, how many amendments does the US Constitution have?

a. 14?

b. 21?

c. 25?

d. 27?

That’s a mere taster for your measure of your Independence Day cultural suitability measure. You might be asked the name of the President or what the capital is. If so, you are pretty lucky. You need to deliver 6 correct answers to 10 random questions.

For example, which statement correctly describes the “rule of law”?

a. the law is what the president says it is?

b. the people who enforce the law do not have to follow it?

c. no-one is above the law?

d. judges can rewrite laws they disagree with?

Answer: c: no-one is above the law.

I fear most people would regret this move but it just didn’t work.

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