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The Dreadful Relatives

Date: March 2, 2024.
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The poor Queen of Great Britain is not cold in her grave for the problems her family is bequeathing the new dynasty. Not only has the King been diagnosed with cancer, but his daughter in law has also been taken out of circulation because she has an unexplained medical condition.

But worse horrors have emerged. Probably the worst member of the King’s Court, his younger brother Andrew, along with his ex-wife, who appeared to leave him some years ago but has mysteriously never quite got around to changing address.

And who can blame her? His pockets are empty. He had a job as an international trade representative some decades of Gulf Sheikhs and itinerant oligarchs who liked to buy large properties that they would pay hugely suspicious amounts to acquire.

They are massively unpopular (Andrrew and Sarah, not the Middle East Mafia).

He briefly served during the Falklands. He was the Queen ’s favourite child reputedly, (child from a horsey father).

Catastrofic misjudgement

But he had a catastrophic misjudgement on 16/06/2020.

He had befriended a famous (notorious) couple - a “businessman” from the US called Jeffrey Epstein and a woman from the UK called Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father was a famous newspaper magnate called Robert Maxwell in the 1990’s. Having avoided any questions from American Law Enforcement...

Andrew continued to refuse to acknowledge to have even ever met his accuser, who was a 17-year girl at the time. He also failed to and failing to observe American rules on the age for legal sex.

On the contrary, he absolutely denied that he had come across her despite a photograph of the two entwined around each other on Ghislaine’s front doorstep.

By the time Andrew and Sarah had moved into the Queen Mother’s palatial seat in the grounds of Windsor Castle, it sounded as if the King was on his way to evicting the pair of them. But unfortunately, the sheer hubris of the entire saga massively annoys everyone.

The late Queen tore more than a strip off him. Not only did she have to bale him out on his grandmother's house, she had to bale him out the plaintiff too, to the tune of a few millions.

She had to decide whether to punish him by uprooting him and his irritating impedimenta. Whether people would like him to languish in The Tower is a matter for the Courts.

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