Meet Ms Baranova, Putin voter and denunciator

Date: November 19, 2023.
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Ms Galina Baranova is not an awful person. She is a typical subverted, demoralised and brainwashed Russian lady who was confused in the 1990s when the Soviet empire collapsed.

Following that, Galina Baranova was subjected to more than 20 years of very colourful fake news produced by Putin's propaganda apparatus.

The political activist and painter Sasha Skochilenko (30) recently covered a few price tags in a supermarket with anti-war information, which disgusted Ms Baranova, a 76-year-old pensioner.

She reported it to the authorities, and Sasha was sentenced to 7 years in prison last Thursday. Murder carries a shorter prison sentence in Russia.

The same people as Galina Baranova wrote 4 million denunciations during Stalin’s regime. Numerous people currently living in Russia, such as Galina Baranova, write denunciations daily.

Why does Putin not require elections?

Stalin did not participate in elections. It is the same with Putin. Both believed this was unnecessary because their electorate was inclined to denounce their fellow citizens.

Putin still has to officially confirm that he will participate in the forthcoming 2024 presidential elections, while the entire Russian political and mass media has already embraced Putin’s inevitable victory and offered their services.

When Putin announces his decision to run, he will not compete himself.

Putin will not try to appeal to Russian citizens as regularly done during the elections in democratic countries.

Putin will send his lackeys and representatives such as famous actors, doctors, professors and war veterans. These people will go across Russia praising him.

Putin’s representatives do not need to convince the Russian people to vote for him. Putin owns the hearts and souls of a sufficient number of Russian people to win the election anyway because the rigged Russian election system would minimise or even erase the votes of the Russian minority who did not vote for him.

The Kremlin needs these charades to advance the sense of magnificence of the Russian-style fake democracy.

Putin elections
Putin could participate in the Russian electoral circus because he likes to feel superior and dominant

The elite around Putin needs him to maintain the status quo in the country. They want a scenario in which either Putin will be the president or, if he does not participate in the elections, then the one appointed by him.

Putin could participate in the Russian electoral circus because he likes to feel superior and dominant. He probably loves to see the servile loyalty of the Russian majority.

The Russian leader enjoys knowing that the vast majority of Russian citizens are figuratively speaking his serfs, whom he has deprived of any remaining rights granted to them by the previous regimes of Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

How does Galina Baranova feel after writing that denunciation? How does the judge feel about sentencing Sasha Skochilenko?

Russians despise their dissidents

In today’s Russia, people such as Sasha Skochilenko or Vladimir Kara-Murza are treated as aliens. Not only are they not welcome in the society erected by Vladimir Putin more than 2 decades ago, but also because Putin did such an outstanding job at dehumanising Russian society.

Russian people, in general, despise people such as Sasha Skochilenko or Vladimir Kara-Murza because they do not accept public expression of any free will not authorised and vetted by the authorities.

Using Donald Trump’s vocabulary, Vladimir Putin did a fantastic job exploiting the grievances and obscurantism of the Russian people.

This is why Russian people predominantly do not object to participating in a war Putin has been waging against Ukraine and write denunciations on fellow citizens.
Russia’s scared and submissive society differs from democracies, where candidates must convince voters that their policies are correct to obtain their votes.

Russian people want to get it over with as quickly as possible and entrust the ruler with their lives and destinies.

Putin’s Russia has made the Russian majority comprised of people such as Galina Baranova. Putin spent 20 years cultivating the worst characteristics and features in the Russian submissive and demoralised majority, which until 2023 had not experienced living in a responsible civil society.

People such as Sasha Skochilenko or Vladimir Kara-Murza have been interfering and not allowing the Russian majority to entrust Putin with their lives. That’s why the Russian majority wants to get rid of people like Sasha Skochilenko or Vladimir Kara-Murza.

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