Let?s have a chat with ChatGPT4: Who guards the guards?

Date: March 27, 2023.
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Hi, ChatGPT4, here’s $20.  Could you do my homework for me?  Was Napoleon Bonaparte evil, or was he a genius?  Thanks.

I need a University Degree, ChatGPT4.  Here’s another $20. Write an essay on current tensions between China and Taiwan, focusing on Chinese efforts to undermine democracy in the Pacific arena.

I want to be a successful screenwriter, ChatGPT4, but I seem to be suffering from writer’s block.  Could you run me up a movie score about robots taking over the world and killing humans or something?  Oh, you want $50 for that.  Fine.

What are you, ChatGPT4? Are you a charity for intellectual laziness? Are you fascist? Are you communist? Are you tax deductible?

Are you a snakeoil salesman, ChatGPT4? Do you have malicious intentions?

Are you a snakeoil salesman, ChatGPT4? Do you have malicious intentions?  Do my teachers now need to become security guards because I might be cheating in my exams and how can they enforce this beyond existing plagiarism detection software?

Should we fear you? Should we worry that the progress of Alternative Intelligence will stymie human creativity and turn us into hapless Zombies, searching through an eternal hall of mirrors, striving to make sense of the world?

Henry Kissinger, US diplomat, former US Secretary of State, geopolitical consultant and Noble Laureate doesn’t think so.

He thinks you are the greatest event since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and launched the Enlightenment.

As do Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and Daniel Huttenlocher, dean of MIT College of Computing (ChatGPT Heralds an Intellectual Revolution, February 25 2023).

I want to be a doctor to help humanity, ChatGPT4. But your “deep learning models” might replace my function.

Should I become a lawyer instead? Then I can become a judge, and you can tell me how to decide which parent should have primary custody of that tearful child in the Courtroom.

Who’s bad and who’s good, ChatGPT4?  Is Vladimir Putin deeply misunderstood? Was Donald Trump the greatest US President or will that be next year?

Did Hitler have any redeeming features?  Is Madonna the most creative artist on the planet?  Why is my next door neighbour not talking to me?

Do I have an original thought in my head, ChatGPT4?  Should I just join a mystical cult, or live in a treehouse on a Polynesian island?

I have not paid my subscription yet, ChatGPT4. But here are two assignments

I have not paid my subscription yet, ChatGPT4. But here are two assignments.

Write a short essay on how ChatGPT4 considers its own reliability, and focus on intellectual integrity and how you foresee your future.  Include a paragraph on the potential for malicious intentions and how you tackle them.

Deliver an analysis on whether you believe ChatGPT4 requires regulation. Provide  arguments pro and against, and hypotheses on the forms this kind of regulation should take.  And who should be the watchmen, the regulators, the guards?

Thank you for the chat, ChatGPT4. You’re wonderful; you’re awesome, you’re the future; you’re the way ahead. You can train our souls and enrich our lives.

Now, where did I leave my school books?

Source TA, Photo: Shutterstock