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Date: November 6, 2023.
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Boris Johnson and his cohorts managed to achieve a double whammy when he installed his new, pro-Brexit government in the UK.

He made so many errors it is highly unlikely he will ever serve as a British prime minister ever - again, and managed to become hospitalised with the virus itself half way through his sorry trajectory.

His own entourage more or less abandoned him. He earned the soubriquet the "shopping trolley". His closest henchman betrayed him.

He also continued with a biography of Shakespeare he was half way through finishing writing, and was planning a wedding to an aide.

A female government civil servant let it be known that the charming Downing Street senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, wanted her to be fired (he complained that he was fed up of "dodging stilettos from that c-word". Pretty strong language.

Well, regardless of toughness, institutional bias led to more focus on football than domestic abuse.

Meanwhile Boris Health Secretary was having an affair with the Health Secretary. He did not last long. Boris whiled away the time productively, by asking whether you can get rid of COVID with a hairdryer.

But what was up with everybody else? There was sneering from everyone in London. "Toxic" and "macho" were the predominant moods.

The whole sorry saga culminated in a series of firings. Everyone blamed Boris. He was blamed for a "lack of diversity"

COVID killed 227,000 people. Even when it was spreading like wildfire, there seemed to be a blithe acceptance. Ms victimised civil servant suddenly changed her tune and started to warn of a zombie apocalypse.

This was more or less when Boris gave up. Cummings said that the Cabinet office was "terrifyingly shit". It was, as an insider described it , a daily series of frantic handbrake turns.

Former Director of Communications Lee Cain didn't appear to know the difference between a strategy and a plan, while Boris clung sought inspiration from to his most admired movie character - the mayor from JAWS.

Apparently Cain commented that managing a plague of biblical proportions is "possibly not part of Boris skill set." You don't say.

Finally, the whole sorry saga culminated in a series of firings. Everyone blamed Boris. He was blamed for a "lack of diversity".

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