Brits abroad

Brits Abroad

Date: February 27, 2024.
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Some neighbours (fortunately for me, mine from childhood) have a preference for the south of France, particularly in the summer months, in spite of the occasional spell when a good old tempest takes hold.

And it raises many questions: why don’t we hit the trains and ferries every year and summon all our friends to accompany us? What on earth is stopping us from hitting that beach and raiding the patisserie? Children have a whale at holiday time. And they rarely become frazzled by parents’ frazzled tempers.

Well, another wonderful diversion for an energy-fuelled breakfast for kids used to be the daily snail race. It's unfair to brand snails “lazy” or “slow” based on a reputation. Ask yourself that! Are you being discriminatory?

However young you are, you’re never too young for astonishing amounts of food

Next thing, your parents will issue a chàteau alert. Most want to see something that manages to be both French and English so stay away from Edinburgh - the blood stains will put anybody off.

The palaces are magnificent alone; the history and splendor alone is breathtaking. It’s strange to go to a neighbouring country and suddenly find yourself exploring a bauxite mine or a windmill; even the common garden Promenade des Anglais.

However young you are, you’re never too young for astonishing amounts of food. Something you think is prosaic like a salade nicoise is actually interesting.

Please bring me every version of a truffles now that you are an habitue of the locale. Wait until you go back to school! Make sure you spread the gossip…

To take a slightly serious line, would you consider a family - or even friends - holiday?

I ask simply because it seems to happen so rarely these days, that it feels almost illegal. Who goes on holidays with their friends? Obviously you must holiday with your children. Don’t you have any imagination? First, children prefer people of their own age to yours. I prefer our age, and it’s too late for a summer holiday. I’ll watch something on Netflix and pretend I’m in France.

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