Black smoke remains over the Kremlin

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The Kremlin was struck. Perhaps for the first time in modern history. The recent drone strike was like thunder over the fake idea that the Kremlin was spinning throughout history.
As a standard, it is hard to differentiate illusion from reality in Russia. According to common Russian knowledge, the Kremlin has not been hit for a long time.

The empire has always been protective of the Kremlin. It has a special place in its empire and history. It is effectively the true temple of the empire.

Therefore, the attack on the Kremlin was a special circumstance.

The Kremlin has been at the heart of the Russian empire for centuries and the Mecca of the current Russian ideology of Rascism (Ruscism) or Russism as was defined in the early 1990s by Dzhokhar Dudayev, the Chechen leader who raised the Chechen people against the empire.

The Chechen breakaway attempt was crushed during 2 wars. Dzhokhar Dudayev was assassinated by Yeltsin’s administration in 1996.

It is well known that Stalin had an underground railway line that circulated between Stalin’s country house outside Moscow and the Kremlin. Soviet leaders similarly used that underground railway.

We can only imagine, aware of Putin’s paranoia, the number of underground facilities built during Putin’s 20-year reign.

Putin’s use of Stalin's underground passages

It has been a while since citizens of Moscow noticed that Putin’s huge corteges had stopped blocking and paralysing the centre of Moscow and motorways to the airport as they used to.

It is reasonable to conclude that Putin started commuting using the underground while going to the Kremlin, the airports, or his residence outside Moscow.

It is not a secret that there is a small town built under the Kremlin, and neighbourhoods around the Kremlin are used as a presidential facility, occupied by various agencies and directorates and thousands of people working at the Kremlin, for the president and his administration.

Therefore, there is a better chance that the Earth is flat than that the Ukrainian authorities attempted to kill Putin with a drone not powerful enough to destroy the aluminium roofing of Putin’s alleged residence at the Kremlin.

The Kremlin’s legend about a drone strike was then made more absurd when its mouthpieces and Putin’s spokesperson himself started suggesting that the Ukrainian authorities tried to assassinate Putin in tandem with the Pentagon.

Knowing that Putin tends to spend more time underground these days, not even ”the little boy” bomb dropped on Hiroshima would not be sufficient to penetrate his whereabouts in today’s harsh circumstances. No one should doubt that there are enough specialists and professionals around Zelensky who understand that.

Why was the US accused of attacking the Kremlin?

The involvement of the United States authorities in the Kremlin’s false drone strike legend to eliminate Putin is so bizarre and unrealistic that no news agency with any self-respect should seriously report on that.

It is just another lie produced by the Kremlin, most probably for domestic and internal ideological purposes.

One of the reasons the Kremlin later added the Pentagon to the story was most probably because the Kremlin was caught off guard by a successful drone attack on possibly the most secure facility in Russia.

The actual and physical damage after the attack can be compared with pigeon faeces, yet it is hard to put aside reputational damage.

The only way for the Kremlin to explain to Russian TV viewers the reason for the successful attack on the Kremlin was to include the Pentagon.

In reality, the strike on the Kremlin was a message to Putin. Perhaps a very specific message. Cosa Nostra would throw a dead fish to the enemy’s door. Someone in Russia struck at the temple of Russia’s imperial greatness Putin is so sensitive about.

It was just a message. Realistically, even if Putin was in the Kremlin, he was not sitting on the roof enjoying the sky over Moscow, nor does he ever probably spend time there.

There are several underground lines Putin is using. There is a line from the Kremlin to Putin’s residence, and there are a few more lines from the Kremlin to crucial points of destination around Moscow. There is one to Moscow airport that Putin seems to be using. Kremlin is a transit station of all the underground lines Putin is using.

Nothing has been fundamentally new in Moscow since Stalin’s days. A previously existing underground Kremlin line from Stalin’s days was extended to Putin’s residence, and from the Kremlin to the airport. Putin’s and Stalin’s residences are located in the same upscale suburb outside Moscow.

Stalin’s underground line was probably just extended by a few kilometres, which was not a problem and was affordable during the days of super-expensive oil. There were no sanctions. The West was crazy about working with Putin and, at the same time, subverted or recruited by the Kremlin’s emissaries, agents, and clandestine operations.

The attack could not be covered up

The Kremlin was stunned that someone successfully launched drones on the Kremlin. Moscow’s anti-missile system failed. The Kremlin’s security system failed. Everything failed.

The Kremlin’s sacred status and inaccessibility were taken away.

Under normal circumstances, the Kremlin would have kept this secret, but there were too many videos of the attack and smoke coming out of the Kremlin on the Internet.

The heart of the Ruscist empire was hit. There was a minor explosion at the Kremlin’s compound, but the message was sufficient for someone like Putin, who in the past has demonstrated a paranoid obsession with security, to dive further into isolation and delirium.

We don’t know what is inside Putin’s head, although by now, we know he was expecting the Ukrainian people to welcome the Russian army with bread and flowers as liberators.

Putin lost touch with reality long ago. No one knows the reasons for his detachment from reality, but from February 24, 2022, we have all been able to see the consequences of his delirium.

We can assume that someone convinced Putin he was the target and Zelensky tried to kill him. Yet, most probably, Putin understands that Zelensky, Ukraine, and the United States have nothing to do with the drone strike.

The public accusation of Zelensky by the Kremlin’s propaganda does not change a thing for the Ukrainian president.

From Zelensky’s standpoint, nothing will change, because we can only imagine how many times Putin’s killers and tea-blending artists, similar to those who killed Alexander Litvinenko in London, have tried to assassinate or poison Zelensky.

Russian propaganda heavyweights such as Margarita Simonyan and pathetic backstage singers like Sergei Markov are already proclaiming that from now on, after Ukraine tried to kill Putin, there will be no mercy for Zelensky and his people.
Needless to say, it is all lies. But people like Margarita Simonyan can believe in those lies because, for her, those lies are the Russian truth, as was stipulated by Aleksandr Dugin, one of the main ideologists of Russian (Russki) world doctrine.

If Russia had the ability to assassinate Zelensky, it would have done so long ago as it did with Dzhokhar Dudayev, Alexander Litvinenko, or Boris Nemtsov. The Kremlin always killed its enemies or tried to kill them, as it tried to kill Sergei Skripal and Vladimir Kara-Murza and other opposition activists, including Alexei Navalny.

Who sent the message to Putin?

What were those drones all about?

Let’s imagine that many leading people in Russia, even within the Kremlin’s compound, understand that the attack on Ukraine was moronic, that everything has gone wrong, and that there is no happy ending for Russia under any circumstances.
At the same time, these people understand that the structure of authority Putin was able to build in the country over the course of his 20-year reign granted him unlimited power in the country, the agencies, and the institutions there.

Putin skilfully built his corrupt hierarchy vertically, which no Soviet leader except possibly Stalin could imagine. The entire system is working to please Putin.

Therefore, these people need to destabilise the system and discredit Putin’s ability to maintain order in the country and his ability to keep the necessary level of personal safety as the leader of Russia.

On the other hand, patriotic and nationalist hotheads who are confused and puzzled by the way things have been unravelling in Ukraine, could have sent those drones.

We do not know where Putin was at the time of the attack, whether in the Kremlin or the underground transit route from the airport to his Moscow residence. It does not change much where Putin was at the time of the attack because the message was delivered anyway.

We do, however, know that Putin will be told that the Kremlin was hit and that safety systems in the heart of Putin’s empire failed. He could also be told that enemies were monitoring and targeting his image and authority.

This time it was not an insignificant explosion on the roof, but next time it could be something more.

Putin is sane enough to understand that this message was from domestic forces not happy about what has been going on in the country.

Let’s not forget that Putin is thinking in paranoid terms. He is now probably somewhere 100 or more meters underground, thinking about the next attempt on his life.

Waiting for the white smoke

This drone strike was not about Zelensky or Ukraine. The attack was not staged to justify Russia’s further evil actions because Russia was doing everything in its power to win the war.

Zelensky is in danger, just as he has been for more than a year since the war started. Although it is clear that Zelensky, Ukraine, and particularly the United States have nothing to do with this rather flamboyant attack on the Kremlin, we still do not know who sent this message to Putin and the Kremlin.

What we all know is if something happened to Zelensky, the Ukrainian people would equally and passionately fight for their freedom. If something happened to Putin, there would be a chance to stop the war. There is a chance that someone powerful in Moscow might be willing to take those chances.

We can but hope it will be done by the Russian elites sick of Putin, the war, and the blockade they are under.
This time the smoke over the Kremlin was black, meaning that the new Kremlin leader has not been chosen yet. But there is hope for the world to see new faces representing Russia soon. Faces of those dedicated to reconciling with the world and particularly with Ukraine.

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